Paso fino Horseback riding lessons

Horses is our passion. We teach adults and children from 2 years old and above. 

Our classes are for everybody, we have different levels available. You can do it in an sportive way or at a competitive level,  we can teach you from scratch or we can help you improve your performance. Trust us, we  have the best staff.

We offerd montly and weekly packages of horseback riding classes. Open from Tuesday to Sunday !

Phisycal and Mental Benefits

Horses can be help improve our lives in a very positive way.

Horseback riding has several benefits.

Strengthened muscles and improve coordination,

Horseback riding is an excersise that helps differnts muscles of your body. First of all, you need to balance on the horse back, so your abs and core muscles would be working hard. Also your chest, legs, inner thighs and pelvis so you can mantain a propper posture. This involves performing varios movement simultaneosly to guide de horse.

Encourage discipline and love for nature

When you have a horse you acquire new responsibilities. like to go to the stables every day, train your horse, bathe him and take care of him. The rider gains sensibility for others and for nature.

Improved mood

Serotonin is a substance that generates a felling of happiness to the human body and is produced when we are in contact with nature and with animals. This will definitely put you in a good mood

Relieved stress

This is an inherently relaxing activity due to the natural rhythm of the horse's trot. Improves circulation and relaxation in the rider.  Also, it is has been demostrated that being outdoors and practice physical excersise have stress-relieving benefits.


Competitive level

We train hard every day to achive our goals. We have several National Champions in the past years!!!  The last National competition was in Atlanta and we came there as a strong team, and we came back with gold medals.

Beginers or sportive level

We also have lessons for beginers from all ages.  We teach you from scratch. We recommended taking at least 2 weekly lessons so that you can see the progress. You will have a great time. Every class is different and adapted to the rider.

Our instructors

Meet our instructors.

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