Horse Therapy

We have different horse therapies: Equine Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Early stimulation therapy for babies.

 Equine therapy enables a different life for those with disabilities since it offers a very wide range of possibilities to people with physical, psychological,
sensory and behavioral.  

But we also have therapy for all kind of kids that help them improves different skills.

SOME BENEFITS: Emotional awareness, social skills, confidence, trust and empathy, problem solven skills, impulse control, Rigidity and flexibility, self control,strhengthenes muscle tone, communication and language

Equine therapy

Equine-assisted mental and psychotherapy incorporates horses into the therapeutic process.   Offers the opportunity to use all senses while learning and procesing throught emotional challenges, being outdoors.  

Is recomended for people with Agoraphobia,
Generalized anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, Separation anxiety, Selective mutism, Social anxiety disorder,
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism. 

His kind of therapy, involves riding the horse, accompanied by our instructors and therapist at all times. The horse's trotting movement is stimulating and therapeutic.

horse and occupational therapy

We also offerd this kind of therapy that doesn´t involve riding.  In spanish is known as "Hipo-Terapia" Horses must be fed, fed, exercised and cared for. This can be therapeutic, because it helps establish routines and structure, and the act of caring for and nurturing something else can be very positive.

It is recommended for kids and older adults.

early stimulation for babies

Early stimulation for kids, improves baby´s curiosity, memory, nervous system development and makes them pay attention .

They reach developmental milestone faster, improves their muscle coordination and a more secure self image.

We have different activities and spaces for all ages and needs. When they are babies, our therapist would ride with them in their arms, helped by a proffesional. Check the video.

¿How to start?

For equine therapy we make a first interview to meet the patient and the parents. The therapist will evaluate the clinic history and precedents and then we would recommend the kind of therapy for you and the frecuency.  We propose the work plan, objetctives and prices.




Our therapists

Meet our horse therapists with a lot of experience

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